Using sudo with relocatable hostnames

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using the IP address works,

so if you have an IP address that fails over when the package fails over you should be OK

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I appreciate the feedback.  However, with over 100 HP boxes, we are having to be fairly committed to developing a consistent sudoers file that will be comprehensive for the environment.  Then, as a change is made, the file will be copied out across the environment.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how this might be accomplished?


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Wagner, Brad wrote:
> Is it possible to configure sudo to use relocateable hostnames?  In our 
> HP-UX environment we have many clusters of machines where we would like 
> the permissions to follow the package without having to edit the sudoers 
> file each time it fails over.  Is this possible to configure by build or 
> configuration?

You can just use ALL for the hostname.  That's what
I did when I managed hp-ux clusters.

Doesn't hurt, as long as you don't blindly copy sudoers
files to other machines.


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