Akens, Anthony AAkens at
Mon Dec 9 09:32:31 EST 2002

Pardon the question, but I hope this is the place to ask it.

I work in a hospital, and the bosses are very touchy about
any changes that are proposed for our system.  We have
a problem which I would generally solve with sudo, however
since it is open-source and free software, they're endy
about "trusting" it.  Especially on this particular box.

What they have asked me to do is find out if anyone out
there has ever run sudo on a similar system, and preferably
running the same app.

We're running DG/UX ver. R4.20MU06 on an Aviion model AV25000, 
and running the STAR (MSE) 7.0 application from McKesson.

I know DG is listed as a platform for sudo, just hoping
someone out there is actually using it and can give a good
report.  Thanks!

Tony Akens
IS Support Center
aakens at

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