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Thu Dec 12 22:39:15 EST 2002


Thanks for your mail and your points within. I have completed the first 'configure' stage and am trying to 'make' the file that I compiled using the gcc compiler which I got off the Solaris 8 companion cd. I have a Makefile and a files in my sudo directory and am trying to run 'make' like this:

# /usr/ccs/bin/make  (since this is not in my 'path')

I then get the following error:

make: fatal error: Execute of /bin/arch failed

Have you any other suggestions?

- Paul

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I'm not sure exactly what you are doing.  You should have run
things in this order:
 o configure
 o make
 o make install

At what point are you getting this error.  The only thing in the
Makefile that uses arch is the bindist target (which you should not
be using since it is really for my own use only and assumes a
non-standard setup).

 - todd

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