Réf. : Looking for someone with sudo+securid experience ... "Cannot contact SecurID server" ...

eric.guerizec at bnpparibas.com eric.guerizec at bnpparibas.com
Mon Dec 30 04:52:03 EST 2002

On my hpux 11.0, config files must be in /var/ace. So /var/ace is a link to
the ace directory where the files sdconf.rec and securid are found.
Are you sure you have the good files sdconf.rec and securid in /var/ace?
(maybe it's another location for solaris!?)


Tim_Stearns at capgroup.com@sudo.ws - 28/12/2002 01:51

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Objet :     Looking for someone with sudo+securid experience ... "Cannot
       contact SecurID server" ...

Hello - Coud anyone help with a compilation of sudo with the SecurID flag
turned on which produces only "Cannot contact SecurID server"?

sudo compiles and works fine, on a Netra running Solaris 8, if I don't ask
it to include the SecurID option. SecurID by itself also builds and works
-- I installed it separately. I inherited files for compiling sudo with
securid from a group inside my company. The files include sdacmvls.h,
sdi_size.h, sdiclient.a, sdconf.h, sdi_athd.h, sdi_type.h. I don't know
where sdconf.rec should be relative to sudo-1.6.6, so I put a copy in the
directory with these files. This sdconf.rec should be valid because the
machine's sdshell/SecurID dependent on it works and asks me daily for my
passcode. The compiler is gcc. The script I use to compile and test is


export PATH

cd sudo-1.6.6
make distclean
./configure --with-SecurID=/disk2-workspace/build/sudo/4securid
make install

It compiles without error. The "Cannot contact SecurID server" message
shows up only when I try to run it; lsof shows a connection something like
UDP:*:33132. While this is occuring, the firewall shows no packets
arriving. I suspect that sudo isn't being told what the master server's
address is, but I don't know where I can insert that info. Maybe the files
I inherited should have it, but where?

Thanks for any suggestions -
Tim Stearns

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