Logging via syslog

Paul Norman pnorman at uk.ms-soc.com
Mon Dec 30 06:12:54 EST 2002


1. I know several posts have been made on this subject but I am having real trouble getting sudo to log through syslog.

I have the following entry in my syslog.conf:

 local2.debug			/var/log/sudo

I have restarted the syslogd daemon and have since restarted the server. Should the syslogd restart automatically as it is not in the list of processes?

I have also created the /var/log/sudo file and despite using sudo with no problems nothing is showing in /var/log/sudo?

Is there something else I am missing out?

2. Another question which is slightly unrelated..

Once authenticating successfully when using sudo does sudo/machine cache the password as when I do a command requiring sudo straight after it does not ask me for a password?

Many Thanks

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