Subject: always looks for root

Dana Kaempen decay at
Fri Feb 8 15:12:21 EST 2002

avyildirim at wrote:
> no matter what i write to Runas_Alias part of the file and then try to run
> a command, it always says:
> Sorry, user user1 is not allowed to execute 'command' as root on
> hostname...
> I want a user to be able to run a command of another user (not root),but it
> always warns me about root user...
I ran into the same problem myself, but it was because I misunderstood how to run a command thru sudo as a non-root user.  You need to use the '-u <user>' option, e.g.:
	sudo -u bob kill BobsProcess
This allows a user to su to bob and kill a specific process of bob's (BobsProcess).


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