Problems with sudo and PATHS

Benjamin.Cuthbert at Benjamin.Cuthbert at
Wed Feb 13 08:57:43 EST 2002

Here is my current setup ,


export PATH

Sudo File.

Cmnd_Alias     FT_ROOT_CMDS=\
                /usr/bin/cat /var/log/*,\
                /usr/bin/cat *,\
                /opt/gnu/bin/ls *,\
                /opt/digisle/bin/localpass *,\
                /usr/bin/mkdir /opt/customer/*,\
                /usr/bin/chown * /opt/customer/*,\
                /usr/bin/chmod * /opt/customer/*\
                /usr/bin/rm * /opt/customer/*,\
     /usr/bin/touch /opt/customer/*

What i am trying to do


sudo touch testfile
Sorry, user benc is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/touch testfile' as
root on testmachine-1

[benc at testmachine-1]$sudo touch /opt/customer/testfile
[benc at testmachine-1]$

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/opt/customer needs to be added to $PATH.


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Subject: Problems with sudo and PATHS

Hi all

we have just installed sudo on our solaris 2.8
and the one problem i have is , that

if i have sudo ALL

i am able to to do

sudo touch /testme
sudo rm /testme

but when i have defined a user with permissions to only do rm in

when he does this

cd /opt/customer
sudo touch testme

Access denied

but if i do

sudo touch /opt/customer/testme ,

i am able to do it

Why ?


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