using sudo to ftp files

ZahsT/ACTInc at ZahsT/ACTInc at
Mon Feb 25 11:48:31 EST 2002

I'm trying to use sudo to ftp files from my media center to other RISC
machines.  The user who is reading the tapes is NOT using the root login,
so they are having problems with directories they don't have permission's
to write to, which is most of them.

I've tried executing the ftp script with sudo.  It shows on the source
system as being executed as root, but on the destination end, it shows as
'techsupp', the login of the user and therefore won't allow the user to
transfer the file.

Any ideas anybody?  Outside of doing it myself, I'm out of ideas.  I need
to allow the user to be able to ftp the files because once we hit full
production, they will need to do this several times a day.



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