using sudo to ftp files

Jeff Kennedy jlkennedy at
Mon Feb 25 12:42:08 EST 2002

Perhaps a chrooted ftp environment so the users can do it as
themselves?  Or maybe ftp into a writeable directory and then use sudo
to move them to the intended destination?

Just some thoughts...


ZahsT/ACTInc at wrote:
> I'm trying to use sudo to ftp files from my media center to other RISC
> machines.  The user who is reading the tapes is NOT using the root login,
> so they are having problems with directories they don't have permission's
> to write to, which is most of them.
> I've tried executing the ftp script with sudo.  It shows on the source
> system as being executed as root, but on the destination end, it shows as
> 'techsupp', the login of the user and therefore won't allow the user to
> transfer the file.
> Any ideas anybody?  Outside of doing it myself, I'm out of ideas.  I need
> to allow the user to be able to ftp the files because once we hit full
> production, they will need to do this several times a day.
> Thanks,
> tony
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