sudo 1.6.4 release candidate 1 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Mon Jan 7 12:29:39 EST 2002

Since I am planning to release sudo 1.6.4 in a week or two I thought
I'd open up the release candidate to testing for those who are
interested.  Sudo 1.6.4 is frozen as far as features go but I welcome
bug reports and RUNSON entries.  I don't anticipate any changes
between 1.6.4rc1 and the official 1.6.4 release other than configure
script and documentation updates.

There are some things I had hoped to have done for 1.6.4 but which
will have to wait for the next release.  Still, there are quite a
large number of improvements.  See

For details.  You can download the release canditate (source only,
no binaries at this time) from:

 - todd

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