Hansoo Shon heyhans at
Tue Jan 8 19:11:49 EST 2002

Hello All.

i am a system engineer at a small venture company in Seoul Korea.  We are
making back-up solution under windows, unix, and as well as linux operating 
systems.  Our solution under unix and linux operating system faced security
issues since our process runs with "root" privilege within a certain port.  So, I 
thought that I could use "sudo" to use only needed commands can be run by
a certain user.  However, our programmers are developing our solution in C++
and I have no clue how to apply "sudo" to our solution.  For example, in the 
program, it does not use 'system("sudo cp /etc/* ./")' instead the program calls
for 'cp(), utime(), chmod(), and other FUNCTIONs. Is there any other way to use sudo???  
I hope that you could give me little hint. ^^;



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