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Thu Jan 17 07:09:51 EST 2002


	I have following problem with visudo

	Linux# visudo -V
	 visudo version 1.6.5
	Linux# type -a vi 
	 vi is /usr/local/bin/vi

	Linux# echo $EDITOR

	Linux# visudo
	 visudo: no editor found (editor path = /usr/bin/vi)

	after adding 'Defaults	editor=/usr/local/bin/vi' into

	Linux# visudo
	 visudo: unable to run č @č @al/bin/vi: No such file or directory
	 visudo: sudoers file unchanged.
	(strange characters in filename)

	then i removed EDITOR

	Linux# unset EDITOR
	Linux# echo $EDITOR

	Linux# visudo
	 works fine

	What am I doing wrong, please ?
	Sorry for being so brief but my English is terrible.



Michael Kanturek
SDH/PDH Engineer
michael.kanturek at

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