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     Thanks for your suggestion.  Still somewhat confused as to how to set
up the access to allow this user access to everything.
would something like this
Cmnd_Alias      TESTING   = /*

be the best or is there another better way?



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You can add the "logfile" for this user:

Defaults:your_user_id  logfile=/var/adm/sudo.log

I prefer to have long line (no line wrap):

Defaults        loglinelen=0

Change "your_user_id" with the user id of the developper, and the sudo.log
can be anywhere.

In fact in our configuration, we log everything, from every user:

Defaults logfile=/var/adm/sudo.log

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Is there a way to allow a user to execute anything and then record what he
is doing so one can set up a proper sudo file.
The developer is taking on a new task and is not sure what he needs access
to.  Since he needs to move rapidly, we dont want to tie his hands by having
him have problems then make a change, test.

    Thanks in advance,

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