Password authentication

Rodrigo Borges Pereira rbp at
Mon Jan 28 01:17:47 EST 2002

Hello all,

Need some help here.

My scenario:

Users of %group1 connect to a page on the webserver and auth themselves
using login/password on /etc/shadow (mod_auth_shadow for apache allows
this). Index.php is loaded and execs sudo for quota and ps as
$PHP_AUTH_USER(/etc/sudoers configured to allow user apache to run quota
and ps impersonating any of %group1) and output is processed and shown
on the webpage. Works fine.

The problem: everyone on the server can create a webpage and see quota
and ps output for any user of %group1.

Solution: sudo offering to possibility to require TARGET user's password
before executing command (PHP knows the password as $PHP_AUTH_PW, so it
would be easily passed to the exec() that calls sudo).

Does sudo offer this possibility?

If not, any other similar program that can do this?

Thank you all in advance.

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