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Jeff Kennedy jlkennedy at
Wed Jun 5 09:17:24 EDT 2002

I know this is an old post but I have a question on this.  Is Allan
saying that vim compiled for Solaris will allow file editing as root
*without* allowing a shell escape?  So in essence I can allow interns to
add jumpstart clients by editing the RCS host file without worrying
about them breaking out and munging something else?



Allan.Marillier at wrote:
> vi on Linux is very often vim, which gives you the rvi
> You can go to and download the latest source
> for vim and compile it for any platform. I've built it with no trouble
> on HP-UX and AIX, and also use precompiled vim executables on
> my PC under Windows. (Adding some class and power to the OS!)
> vim also gives you a GUI environment if you want it (gvim) and has a rgvim
> version as well, to give a restricted GUI vi.
> vim has a number of benefits over stock vi, including providing simple
> file locking - ensuring that two people don't vi the same file at the same
> time
> and trash each other's changes.
> (No - I have nothing to do with the vim project - I just believe it's a
> very good
> vi implentation.)
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> > dear list,
> >
> > i am new to sudo and recently installed it on sun
> > solaris 2.6. when i open vi while acting in the sudo
> > context, vi still seems lets me execute shell commands
> > as root.
> I'm not sure about Solaris, but linux has /bin/rvi and /bin/rview which
> restrict the use of such things as executing shells from within an
> editing session.
> Tom
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