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Dana Kaempen decay at flash.net
Fri Jun 7 14:49:50 EDT 2002

Nasir wrote:
> Can anybody send me syslog.conf and sudoers file who keeps log via syslog
> I still cant keep any log messages via sudo.
Here's what we use -

	Defaults                logfile=/var/adm/sudo.log

This works fine for us.  The logfile can be syslog, if you want it to be, e.g.:
	Defaults                logfile=/var/adm/syslog
However, we like to explicitly keep sudo entries separate from regular syslog entries.

Another benefit of specifying log location in /etc/sudoers is that if you ever upgrade (or replace) your system, you don't have to remember to add back the line if syslog.conf is overwritten.  We keep a virgin distribution of the latest & greatest locally compiled version of sudo, including our default /etc/sudoers, so we just lay that down on a (new or upgraded) system & we're ready to go.


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