Strange Stuff with sudo

Benjamin.Cuthbert at Benjamin.Cuthbert at
Thu Jun 20 04:02:00 EDT 2002

Strange Happenings with Sudo

Settings for /etc/sudoers

                /usr/bin/chown * /opt/customer/*,\
                /usr/bin/chmod * /opt/customer/*,\
                /usr/bin/rm /opt/*

# User privilege specification

so as root i touch a file called /etc/eatme, then login as myself and then try and delete that file.

[testuser at netra]$ cd /opt
[testuser at netra]$ ls -l eatme
-rw-r--r--   1 root     other          0 Jun 20 07:30 /opt/eatme
[testuser at netra]$ sudo rm eatme
Sorry, user testuser is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/rm eatme' as root on netra.
[testuser at netra]$ sudo rm /opt/eatme
[testuser at netra]$

So why is it that when i put in the sudo rm /opt everything is cool, but when i do cd /opt and then
sudo rm eatme it does not work.

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