2.0 Release Imminent.

Howard Owen hbo at egbok.com
Tue Jun 25 20:45:18 EDT 2002

Having heard no negative feedback to 2.0.0beta2, I am preparing
to release Sudoscript 2.0.0. This is your last chance to ruin my day
and improve my software all in one fell swoop! 8)

If you are interested, download 2.0.0 beta2 from



And brutally grind the code into a submissive pile of jelly, before sending
me your bug reports.

Or not. You could just wait until 2.0.0 is released, sometime in the next 
of days.

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EGBOK Consultants                 track, you'll get run over if you
hbo at egbok.com    +1-650-339-5733  just sit there." - Will Rogers

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