Help With Path Not Working.

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Why not simply change the path of "chown" in your sudoers definition to be:

CHOWN_COMMANDS = /usr/bin/chown


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I have a requirement from my users so that they do not have to type in the
absolute path for every command when running sudo. The problem occurs when
some commands exist in 2 directories and both directories are in the path.



Cmnd_Alias      ARP_COMMANDS = /sbin/arp
Cmnd_Alias      CHOWN_COMMANDS = /sbin/chown

sudo arp -a 
works correctly. arp command is picked up from /sbin

sudo chown root /tmp/m1
Sorry, user fred is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/chown root /tmp/m1' as
root on disney

This occurs when chown is in /sbin and /usr/bin

The problem is that I need /sbin in the path in order to execute the arp -a
without specifying the full path of command.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

Regards - Mike
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