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Fri Mar 15 07:22:03 EST 2002

From: Scott D. MacKay

Will that wipe the old environment before also?  An admin problem we had
(which took a bit to dig into) involved using sudo instead of SU with the
LP service under Solaris 8.  The sudo retained the user environment and
when the admin restarted LP, the lpsched inherited all the env variables.
This plays havoc with the jetadmin (hppi) scripts....


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     so spake Matthew Hannigan (mlh):

> "me too"  :-)    Todd, does sudo have a wishlist or todo list?

Yes, and that's already on it.  Basically the first entry in
the argument vector passed to the shell needs to start with '-'
for it to think it is a login shell.

  - todd
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