user limit

Joe Zlomislic Joe.Zlomislic at
Tue May 7 15:30:15 EDT 2002

I have a question regarding a user limit in the sudoers file.  
Presently we are using the same sudoers file on about 30 servers.  We make a
change on one server and then propogate the sudoers file to the others.

Because we have so many applications in our environment I have numerous
User_Aliases defined.  The problem is that I have one particular user that
is a part of 31 User_Aliases.  Whenever this user runs the defined sudo
command she gets a memory fault and it generates a core.  After some
troubleshooting I have determined that the maximum number of entries that a
user can be a part of is 29.  

Can I increase this number somehow?  

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