sudoers is mode 0441, should be 0440 ????

Emil Isberg emil.isberg at
Sat May 18 08:34:54 EDT 2002

On Sat, 18 May 2002, Marcel Broekman wrote:
>All of a sudden sudo stopped working. Whwn i issue a sudo command sudo
>replies with: sudoers is mode 0441, should be 0440
>from sudo.log:
>May 17 23:05:30 : customer : /usr/local/packages/sudo-1.6.3/etc/sudoers
>is mode 0441, should be 0440 ; TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/export/home/customer ;
>USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/sh
>What does this mean and how to repair this?

That mean that you have
-r--r----x root root /usr/local/packages/sudo-1.6.3/etc/sudoers ...
Or something like that...

Just enter chmod 0440 /usr/local/packages/sudo-1.6.3/etc/sudoers and you
should be okey...

sudo is quite picky (as it should be) about the permissions on it's main

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