being asked for the password even with a NOPASSWD option...

Jim Matzdorff jmatz at
Sat Nov 2 04:16:08 EST 2002

howdy all,

i have in my sudoers file:

jadeweb           ALL = (jaderun) NOPASSWD:/opt/web/jade/admin/serverAction

no, when i run the command "/opt/web/jade/admin/serverAction" it will
occasionally (though not ALWAYS??) prompt me for the password.

usually, if it start prompting me for a password .. i have to wait some
(somewhat undeterminable amount) of time before i can try the command
again w/o getting prompted for the password.

anyone give me hints or answers?  i am completely confused.

jadeweb and jaderun are valid users.  jaderun can run serverAction.


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