apache restart for sudoer-user

Oliver Etzel - GoodnGo.COM (R) oliver at goodngo.com
Mon Oct 7 11:04:22 EDT 2002

Hello Todd,

Oh my god, that was it.

> You misunderstand.  What exactly is the user typing at the shell
> prompt?  Is the apachectl command being prefixed with "sudo"?

I didn´t know that a sudoer like user frutz has to prefix sudoer comands
prefix "sudo" from users commandline-shell.

frutz# sudo /user/local/apache/pbin/apachectl stop
frutz# sudo /user/local/apache/pbin/apachectl start

Now it works fine.

Thank you Todd,

Regards from merry ol´ germany,

Oliver Etzel

muenchen serverhousing www.t-host.com

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