FW: AIX, NIS and sudo

Lineberger, Aaron CONT (NETS) Aaron.Lineberger at nets.nemais.navy.mil
Mon Oct 7 16:35:54 EDT 2002

Okay, my mistake. :P I was able to get it working; the problem I'm having
now is not with sudo, it's with NIS and not being able to run yppasswd on a
client unless  maxexpired is set to -1... thanks to everyone. :)

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> Subject:	AIX, NIS and sudo
> I have NIS running on my AIX boxes and I'm trying to implement sudo. The
> problem I'm having is that sudo will not work without the user being
> listed in the local passwd file. I was under the assumption that sudo
> worked with NIS, am I mistaken? It would defeat the purpose of having NIS
> users if they all have to be listed locally. :( has anyone implemented
> this successfully using NIS on AIX (4.3.3)?
> TIA,
> Aaron

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