Running make after ./configure

Saty Desai Saty.Desai at
Thu Oct 10 10:21:05 EDT 2002

Thx Rich..

I did run the command

# make
and I get the output

> `' is up to date.

After this, according to the docs, I'm supposed to type make install, 
but I get the following output

[root at atltru6409]==> make install
Make: Don't know how to make install.  Stop.
[root at atltru6409]==>
However, after this I still can't execute the visudo command or the sudo 

Rich Pinkall Pollei wrote:

>>I run the make command
>># make
>Run 'make' without any options.  '' is a template file
>which './configure' uses to create the normal makefiles, which use the
>default file names so you don't need to specify them.
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