Enabling core dumps

Tony Houghton sudo at realh.co.uk
Wed Oct 23 16:29:23 EDT 2002

I want core dumps to be enabled in a program I'm running from sudo, in
Linux. I've tried setting ulimit -c unlimited in a wrapper script
between the sudo command and the program I want to run, but that doesn't
work. (I have also made sure the script sets the cwd to the target
user's home dir so it has write access to create a core file.)

I found people having similar problems in the list archives, but they
were using other OS's eg Solaris, which have other mechanisms than

One of the responses was that since 1.6.3 (I have 1.6.6) it sets the
limits to the usual values for the target user. Is there a way to set
a default value in Linux? I only know of ulimit for setting limits in
the current and child processes.

TH * http://www.realh.co.uk

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