Enabling core dumps

Tony Houghton sudo at realh.co.uk
Wed Oct 23 16:53:45 EDT 2002

In <200210232039.g9NKdbFo028756 at xerxes.courtesan.com>, Todd C. Miller wrote:

> If the wrapper script doesn't do the trick then I suspect the kernel
> itself is disallowing the core dump.  It's fairly standard practice
> to not dump core for setuid programs (but sudo doesn't run programs
> setuid).  It is also possible that your current working directory
> is not writable by root (or whatever user you are running things
> as via sudo).

The target user is news rather than root, but anyway, like I said, I've
set the cwd to news' home dir which it can write to (and dumps core in
OK if I su manually).

sudo itself is setuid of course, so I suppose the kernel must be
inhibiting core dumps because of that. Is there any way round it?

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