Enabling core dumps

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Oct 23 17:22:35 EDT 2002

In message <20021023205345.GA14080 at realh.co.uk>
	so spake Tony Houghton (sudo):

> The target user is news rather than root, but anyway, like I said, I've
> set the cwd to news' home dir which it can write to (and dumps core in
> OK if I su manually).
> sudo itself is setuid of course, so I suppose the kernel must be
> inhibiting core dumps because of that. Is there any way round it?

I wouldn't expect that property to be inherited to the child process
run by sudo.  It's the kind of thing normally set at exec time.  If
it works OK when you su, I would expect it to be OK with sudo.  At
one point sudo did disable coredumps in the child but that was
changed in sudo 1.6.3.  What do you see when you run:
    sudo -u news sh -c "ulimit -c"

 - todd

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