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Is there anyone out there still stupid enough to actually fall for this scam?

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Dear One,

I am Mrs.Mamie P.Kabila, from Democratic Republic of
Congo. There is an imformation I would like you to
keep very confidential, 

There is sum amount of money my Husband Late President
Laurent Kabila, deposited in a security company in
Abidjan , for safe keeping. Before he  was killed by
his Eldest Military Son. The squable  happened as
immediately we returned back from our London trip. My
husband married us two.I am the second wife.I will not
be able to give you the full details that led to that
urgly incidents. 

The Eldest Son is the current President of our country
now. For now I am staying in Abijdan, the capital of
Republic of Cote d'voire,just to save my life, with my
two children. The money in question, is 22, Million
U.S. Dollars.  I can not make the withdrawal of this
fund, because my husband registered the Beneficiary of
the fund as his (Foriegn Bussiness Patner) and also
(Family valuables as the content of the deposit) 

The documents of the deposit are with me. What I would
want you to do, is to assits me to get the consignment
withdrawn from the security company, you provide a new
account for me in your name, and transfer the money to
your country, through the account .We shall replace
name Foriegn Patner to your own name, because the code
was used for security reason. I will give you the 15%
of the money for your assitance.There is no risk in
this transaction. I will use the remaining balance of
the money for an investiment in your country for the
future of my children. If you are intrested, and can
maintain the very confidentiality of this
transaction,please e-mail me immediately for more
clearification or call my son james on 00 225 07 65 53
87 and also note that I am staying in  Abidjan, Cote
d'lvoire as a refugee becuase of the assasination of
late husband,and the civil war going on in our
country,Democratic Republic of Congo. I can speak 
english, and my son also speak english very well his
name is james .

Thank you very much.


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