vgexport on HP 11.00

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Fri Sep 6 11:03:53 EDT 2002

It sounds like your sudo does not have access to either the /dev directory where the volume groups are found or does not have access to the /etc/lvmconf where the mapfiles are found in HP.

Test it by trying to read/write in one of those directories.

D. MacPhail

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Has anyone expirienced the following:

I did:

sudo vgexport /dev/vg<name>

And got the following in return:

vgexport: Couldn't open MAPFILE "mapfile".
vgexport: mapfile: Permission denied
vgexport: Couldn't export volume group "/dev/vgS<name>".

When I did the same when logged in as "root" it worked fine.....

Could you please let me know what went wrong?


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