Error when trying to execute the child script with "nohup"

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Dear JMM,

I have already tried that solution before but it's still has the problem
with other error messege as following:

     ./ child.out: Cannot create the specified file.



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If you don't redirect stdout and stderr, nohup needs to open a nohup.out
in current directory, with the rights of the owner of the process.
Either you give the rights to the user to write in current dir, or better :
nohup ./   >>child.out  2>&1  &


-- JMM

Sorayuth.Kamthawee at wrote :

> All,
> Please help me find the solutions, I have wrote the script (called
> that have to call other script (called CHILD) using "nohup" and out the
> child script to background job as following:
> -------------------- Begin of PARENT script -----------------------
> nohup ./ &
> -------------------- End of PARENT script -------------------------
> -------------------- Begin of CHILD script ------------------------
> command_or_script_here
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> The error message will shown as, "nohup: cannot open/create nohup.out".
> this won't error if we run under the root account (like sudo -u root
> .....).
> Hope someone ever found the problem like this.
> Thanks all,
> sam.
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