restriction by UID range?

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Fri Sep 13 15:19:33 EDT 2002

I could be wrong but if you have Solaris 9, why not use RBAC ... seems that this would be easier to pull of with that.

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Subject: restriction by UID range?

I'd like to set up sudo (v. 1.6.6, under Solaris 9) so that trusted users can 
spawn a shell as another user, but only if the named user has a UID within a 
certain range.

In this hypothetical environment, user "joe" would be able to run anything 
(including spawning a shell) as any of the webaccounts (30000 >= UID >= 65536).

	#cat /etc/passwd	# hypothetical password file
	homepage:x:30025:30001:Home Page:/export/htdocs/homepage:/bin/bash
	webmaster:x:30026:30001:Web Master:/export/htdocs/webmaster:/bin/bash

	#cat /etc/sudoers	# hypothetical sudoers config
	Runas_Alias WEBACCOUNTS=#[30000-65535]


Is this possible, without a wrapper script?



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