sudo does not work

nina zarina at
Wed Sep 18 00:16:01 EDT 2002

I'm currently exploring how to use sudo.  I already installed & configured, but could not get something right.  What I wanted to do was sudo to let's say newuser and open pine as newuser.

as olduser, i typed this command 
                      sudo -u newuser pine 
it asks for the olduser password(ok), then I got an error saying that i cannot open ~olduser/mail because of permission denied.
I thought I was supposed to open newuser's mailbox? Then why is it trying to open the olduser's mailbox? Is my understanding of how sudi should work correct? 

I think my configuration in sudoers file is already correct, the entry is as below : 
olduser ALL = (newuser) /usr/local/bin/pine

Appreciate any input.

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