sudo does not work

nina zarina at
Wed Sep 18 03:38:27 EDT 2002

I see ... okay ... it works with pine when I use the -H option. Thanks a
but it still got the same error when trying to use vi or pico.  Does anybody
what else do i need to set for these to work?


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> On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 12:16:01PM +0800, nina wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm currently exploring how to use sudo.  I already installed &
configured, but could not get something right.  What I wanted to do was sudo
to let's say newuser and open pine as newuser.
> >
> > as olduser, i typed this command
> >                       sudo -u newuser pine
> > it asks for the olduser password(ok), then I got an error saying that i
cannot open ~olduser/mail because of permission denied.
> > I thought I was supposed to open newuser's mailbox? Then why is it
trying to open the olduser's mailbox? Is my understanding of how sudi should
work correct?
> >
> > I think my configuration in sudoers file is already correct, the entry
is as below :
> > olduser ALL = (newuser) /usr/local/bin/pine
> This is because pine uses environment variables
> find things, and sudo doesn't necessarily overwrite
> or remove environment variables.
> It's not just pine, of course many programs work like this.
> The particular variable is probably HOME or MAIL or
> something like that.
> sudo really only changes id; it doesn't set up the
> environment necessarily.  It does remove some dangerous
> env vars; see the FAQ.
> Solution?  Use the -H flag (set HOME); or if that doesn't
> work, make the sudoers entry:
> olduser ALL = su - newuser /usr/local/bin/pine
> and invoke
> sudo su - newuser /usr/local/bin/pine
> which will do a 'proper' login
> Regards,
> Matt

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