sudo /bin/su nobody

Steve Beaty beaty at
Tue Sep 24 11:59:16 EDT 2002

Todd and all,

> Why not do "sudo -u nobody ls" and avoid su entirely?  For what
> it's worth, the BSD su has a "-m" flag for just this situation.

	excellent question, based on my bad example :-)  i really don't
	necessarily know what command i want to execute, today it looks

sudo /bin/su nobody -c \
	"/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.0_01/bin/java -cp /tmp/$PPID Main $args" < \
	$input 2>&1 | \
	awk '{ gsub (/&/, "\\&"); gsub (/</, "\\<"); gsub (/>/, "\\>"); print; }'

	tomorrow it may well look different.  i'm trying to run a program
	with less-than-usual privileges from a web cgi script.  i need to
	have typical user permissions to save a file, which i get via
	suexec or cgi-wrap, but i want to run that file with the reduced

	make sense?  many thanks,

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