relative path on compile

Jeff Kennedy jlkennedy at
Wed Sep 25 14:09:08 EDT 2002

I was wondering if anyone is using a relative path when compiling the
binary (i.e. "./")?  The reason is that, as long as the binary and
config file are together, it doesn't matter where you put it or how
often you move it.

This may sound inane but our environment is more dynamic than we would
like and having to re-compile whenever it moves is something we want to
avoid.  Obviously the main issue is security, copy the binary and the
config to /tmp and you can have a writeable copy.  However, everything
we can see so far leads us to believe that it's not much of an issue,
paritally evidenced by

./sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0462, should be 0440

I just wanted to get an idea as to the viability of this.  Thanks.
Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator
jlkennedy at

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