sudo 1.6.6 install problem HP-UX

Gordon Moore Gord.Moore at
Wed Sep 25 16:10:04 EDT 2002

I am trying to install sudo 1.6.6 on an HP-UX 11i system. I wonder if 
anyone can figure out why it fails -- or at least explain what the error 
message means.

      * Beginning the Install Execution Phase.
       * Filesets:         1
       * Files:            13
       * Kbytes:           356
       * Installing fileset "sudo.sudo-RUN,r=1.6.6" (1 of 1).
ERROR:   Unknown owner and/or group for file "/opt/sudo/bin/sudo".
         SUID and/or SGID bit was not set.
ERROR:   Failed installing fileset "sudo.sudo-RUN,r=1.6.6".  Check the
         above output for details.
       * Running install clean command /usr/lbin/sw/install_clean.
NOTE:    tlinstall is searching filesystem - please be patient
NOTE:    Successfully completed

       * Beginning the Configure Execution Phase.

       * Summary of Execution Phase:
ERROR:       Corrupt       sudo.sudo-RUN,r=1.6.6
ERROR:   1 of 1 filesets had Errors.
ERROR:   The Execution Phase had errors.  See the above output for

I am wondering if there is a problem with the system being "Trusted" which 
is HP's version of shadow passwords.


Gord Moore

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