sudo 1.6.6 install problem HP-UX

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Wed Sep 25 17:08:29 EDT 2002

I don't think the situation is as dire as it may seem.  Sudo installed, but
it installed without the SUID set on the sudo binary (and nothing is
actually corrupt).  You can do this yourself by doing a chmod 4111 on
/opt/sudo/bin/sudo.  Should work fine.  If you have the resources, I highly
recommend configuring and compiling the sudo distribution yourself.

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Subject: sudo 1.6.6 install problem HP-UX

I am trying to install sudo 1.6.6 on an HP-UX 11i system. I wonder if anyone
can figure out why it fails -- or at least explain what the error message

      * Beginning the Install Execution Phase. 
       * Filesets:         1 
       * Files:            13 
       * Kbytes:           356 
       * Installing fileset "sudo.sudo-RUN,r=1.6.6" (1 of 1). 
ERROR:   Unknown owner and/or group for file "/opt/sudo/bin/sudo". 
         SUID and/or SGID bit was not set. 
ERROR:   Failed installing fileset "sudo.sudo-RUN,r=1.6.6".  Check the 
         above output for details. 
       * Running install clean command /usr/lbin/sw/install_clean. 
NOTE:    tlinstall is searching filesystem - please be patient 
NOTE:    Successfully completed 

       * Beginning the Configure Execution Phase. 

       * Summary of Execution Phase: 
ERROR:       Corrupt       sudo.sudo-RUN,r=1.6.6 
ERROR:   1 of 1 filesets had Errors. 
ERROR:   The Execution Phase had errors.  See the above output for 

I am wondering if there is a problem with the system being "Trusted" which
is HP's version of shadow passwords.


Gord Moore

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