sudo 1.6.6 install problem HP-UX

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Neither of those two errors point to anything actually being "corrupt" - as
you've seen sudo actually works just fine.  The mtime changed probably as a
result of doing the chmod.  If you changed the sudoers file, it will also
show up as "not being the right size".  This software bundle is obviously
flawed - I get the same errors when installing on my 11i system.  If you
can't live with a less than perfect installation (from the point of view of
SD-UX), then you'll have to build your own.  You could also try hacking the
swpackage information in the catalogue directory of the bundle - although
that may prove to be more tiresome than simply compiling the sudo source

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Brent, I did the chmod as you suggested and sudo does work. But the software
is still installed as corrupt. Here is the output from swverify sudo. 

       * Reading source for file information. 
ERROR:       Corrupt       sudo.sudo-RUN,l=/opt/sudo,r=1.6.6 
ERROR:   File "/opt/sudo/etc/sudoers/sudoers" should have mtime 
         "1020863871" but the actual mtime is "1033053508". 
ERROR:   File "/opt/sudo/etc/sudoers/sudoers" should have size "580" 
         bytes but the actual size is "602" bytes. 
ERROR:   Fileset "sudo.sudo-RUN,l=/opt/sudo,r=1.6.6" had file errors. 
       * Summary of Analysis Phase: 
ERROR:       Verify failed sudo.sudo-RUN,l=/opt/sudo,r=1.6.6 
ERROR:   1 of 1 filesets had Errors. 
ERROR:   The Analysis Phase had errors.  See the above output for 
How bad are these errors? Is there something wrong with the 1.6.6 depot?


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I don't think the situation is as dire as it may seem.  Sudo installed, but
it installed without the SUID set on the sudo binary (and nothing is
actually corrupt).  You can do this yourself by doing a chmod 4111 on
/opt/sudo/bin/sudo.  Should work fine.  If you have the resources, I highly
recommend configuring and compiling the sudo distribution yourself. 

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