sudo lecture and sudo password prompt caching timeout

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Sat Apr 5 10:36:46 EST 2003

since introducing sudo in the project i`m involved, "delegated" systems administration 
was a pain. (many people administering many machines....)
So - first off, thanks for this great utility! 

Before doing a "feature" request I first like to know your opinion or rather want to know, if
this feature is already in (perhaps I`m just too dumb to find it :)

I have the following demand:
- I want to provide a "custom" lecture to all "sudoers". (hey - think before you type! blahblah...) 
  I thought, I could put that somewhere inside /etc/sudoers or in a separate file - but  I can`t
  find an option. Currently i`m hacking the source for that.
- I want to enforce, that lecture is ALWAYS shown when sudo`ing (i.e. if PASSWD is specified
  in /etc/sudoers then lecture should be shown, too.
  currently there is just a switch for turning a "one shot lecture" on/off ( lecture  - If set, a 
  user will receive a short lecture the first time he/she runs sudo. This flag is on by default.)

- I want to enforce that there is no passwort caching timeout so that users (maybe some - 
  not all ) ALWAYS need to provide their password if "PASSWD" is specified in /etc/sudoers. 
  At the current time, I can only modify that behaviour at "configure" time on a global basis. 
  I would wish, that I  can put that into a config file, too. (and if possible on a per-user basis) 
  This was an issue on this list some time ago 
  (  workers/2000-November/000146.html). I also 
  think, this is an "inconsistency" because it will confuse some users (i have made that  
  experience - I need to explain "sudo details" to users which I won`t need to explain, if that
  behaviour wouldn`t be there)

Since we use sudo on many different platforms and providing the "base"-software for the project hacking the source and "tuning" the sudo-lecture for the different sites it`s being installed and
used, we have a "maintenance" problem here. (we would need to maintain different 
sudo binaries with different lectures inside)

thanks & regards

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