sudo + ssh..

Mridul Pentapalli MridulP at
Mon Apr 7 07:52:00 EDT 2003


I sent a mail to but no reply. I'm hoping that you guys
have a pointer towards the solution... so here goes...

My program is run by another program using sudo. I need to use netstat on a
remote machine. The command ends up looking like this

sudo ssh -l blah sudo netstat -p

This asks me for the password of blah at 

I have configured the remote machine in such a way that I can connect to it
with an empty passphrase. 

ssh -l blah sudo netstat -p 

works without asking me for any password.

Is there a way I can get the ssh to use the passphrase. Since this system
call is being invoked from within a program, I do not want to pass the
password every time.


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