hopefully a easy fix

phil foster pfoster at iu.edu
Mon Apr 14 15:02:37 EDT 2003

	I've got a solaris 8 server that I've been running version 1.6.3p7
of sudo on (along with running against our kerberos server). I just
recently applied the April patch bundle from solaris to
the server, when I attempt to run sudo now, I am prompted for the kerb
password, then after I put it in I get a single Abort and am dumped back
to my shell. I'm not trapping any information in any of my logs. Kerberos
is receiving my creditals and validating me back to the server. So it
looks like sudo itself is having a problem. When I use my local password
info, sudo does let me work. 
	I grabbed 1.6.7p3 and installed it on the server to the same
effects. The patch cluster moded pam_krb, but I rebuilt that also to no
	So my questions are this: Has this been seen before? And if not,
how can I turn on more debugging stuff to track this problem down.

 -phil foster.
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