Mailing to 2 diff eamil addresses

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Fri Apr 25 16:23:58 EDT 2003

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	so spake "Saxena, Somesh (IDS DM&DS)" (somesh):

> I have 2 sets of user aliases and hosts and commands.  I want to
> send mail to one user when one set is used and I wish to send mail
> to anouther email address when the other set is used.

If I understand you correctly you should be able to do:

User_Alias	U1 = bob, john, jim
User_Alias	U2 = joe, sal, jeff

Defaults:U1	mailto=tattle1
Defaults:U2	mailto=tattle2

Note that the Defaults line must go *after* the User_Alias that
it references.

 - todd

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