$1 Billion $$$ In Worldwide Sales in 2003! "

Harry Singh preet at noni.com
Sun Apr 27 00:39:58 EDT 2003

                                      Harpreet   Singh (Harry)
                          Distributor ID #1588756
            Independent Tahitian Noni International Distributor
   Why join Tahitian Noni International ? 
                                 $1 Billion
                       In Worldwide Sales in 2003! "
                  Why join Tahitian Noni International ? 
   53 % Pay out GUARANTEED
   NO Company Breakage
   Seamless/Borderless Compensation 60 Markets Worldwide
   Weekly, Monthly and Quartely Commissions
   Sales growth from $ 40,000 a month to $ 40,000,000 a month in 6 years
   More then $800 Millions paid in bonuses to distributors
   " In my 20 yrs in networking marketing I have never been  more excited
   about the potential for an opportunity. Join us and get your piece of
               this incredible growth!" ..... Dayle Maloney. 
    " Today I have more cash than I can imagine !... Charles Barnes , CA
    Please take a moment to listen this audios.This audios presentation
    will enlightened you more about the company, product and marketing.
             For 24 hrs pr-recorded sizzle call:1-415-273-6068
    [1]The Dayle Maloney Story and Why He Chose Morinda by Dayle Maloney
    Also you can attent the live conference calls for more information.
   The schedules and timings are as follows.  Number: 1-620-294-3000, Pin
                    Training calls: Monday 7:00 pm  MST
                      Product call: Monday 7:45 pm MST
        Marketing call:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thrusday  8:00 pmMST
   Take care,
   Harpreet Singh (Harry)
   Independent Morinda® Distributor
   A 2,000 year old health discovery - Find out how TAHITIAN NONI(TM)
   Juice is helping people. Go to [3]http://www.nonithebest.com
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