Help on older version 1.5.7p2

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Fri Aug 1 08:54:56 EDT 2003

Do you want to redirect all mail to root, or just sudo?

Generally it's a good practice to redirect all roots mail to somebody
that reads their mail on a daily basis.

Look at /etc/mail/aliases (may be in a different location depending on
your flavor of unix.. Man aliases or man sendmail can point you to where
it is).


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I have an older version of Sudo, 1.5.7p2 and want to stop it from
sending any email on errors or at least redirect to another user other
than root. Seems that the syntax was different back then, ie; Defaults
mailto=someone at" does not work, get fatal error in sudoers.
Upgrading sudoers right now is not an option. Does anybody remember the
syntax or point me to an old document on how to override compiled
configs through sudoers.


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