Help on older version 1.5.7p2

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Fri Aug 1 17:57:58 EDT 2003

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	so spake "Donovan, Jeffrey (Jeff), ALABS" (jmd):

> I have an older version of Sudo, 1.5.7p2 and want to stop it from sending any
>  email on errors or at least redirect to another user other than root. Seems 
> that the syntax was different back then, ie; Defaults mailto=someone at
> m" does not work, get fatal error in sudoers. Upgrading sudoers right now is 
> not an option. Does anybody remember the syntax or point me to an old documen
> t on how to override compiled configs through sudoers.

Prior to sudo 1.6.0 this was configurable only at compile-time.
You either have to rebuild your sudo or edit the binary and change
the correct instance of the string "root" to some other 4-letter
name that you want to receive the mail (ick).

 - todd

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