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Hello Eric, hello Rudi!

Eric.Ladner at wrote:

> It's a pretty quiet list.  Sudo is a very mature and well documented
> program.

Yes. But the SPAM is unnecessary. I do also own a mailinglist and
the simplest way to stop the spam is, to allow only subscribers to 
post messages.

I assume none of the senders of those "important" offers did subscribe
to this list.

And anybody honestly interested in sudo will usually be subscribed.

So, please, please, please Todd, throw the switch and kick all
non-subscribers out of the list!

Best regards,


> Eric
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>>Today's Topics:
>>   4. Re: CONGRATULATIONS..... (Howard Owen)
> Two times a Nigeria scam, a lottery scam from my own Netherlands and 
> a angry reaction on the last one. And yesterday it was the mimail 
> worm. And no topics concerning the list's subject. I subscribed last 
> week but I expected more mail protection from a list covering a 
> security related program.
> I consider now to switch to the list itself instead of the digest. 
> The isolated garbage messages will be recognized by my filters. Will 
> be much quieter it seems. Or is this because of the holidays?
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