Using the PATH variable in sudo

Ladner, Eric (Eric.Ladner) Eric.Ladner at
Tue Aug 19 10:51:35 EDT 2003

Sudo uses the PATH from the users environment unless sudo was compiled
with the SECURE_PATH set to something.

Either the admins need to add the paths to THEIR environment (i.e. add
/usr/sbin/ or whatever to their path) or recompile sudo with SECURE_PATH
set to something sane like /usr/bin:/usr/sbin/:.. Etc.


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I have a problem in sudo that when the sys admins have to run a command
as root the need to run via sudo because I blocked the "sudo su -"
command. So they need to type the full path of the command to execute.
Many times they dont know the full path of the command, for example, to
veritas commands.

I would like to know how could I import the path variable of root to the
sudo configuration ?

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