reg- kerberos (plz help me)

Rahul shadhanker at
Fri Aug 29 02:59:57 EDT 2003

Hello all,
I'm new to sudo. I've compiled and used sudo sucessfully.
But i've enabled kerberos with sudo.
I don't know how to use with sudo.

Plz help me to authenticate sudo using krb5(steps in detail).
Hope by default, it uses system password file to authenticate users.

2. then in sudoers file,
for ex...we are using like
    %users ALL=/usr/bin/ls
that mean we can run "/usr/bin/ls" command on ALL machines as all users from
the group "users"
Ami right?

i don't know how to test this.
i can able to test this in same machine where this sudoers file exists, but
don't know how to test with other machine(in the sdame network).

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
Advance thanks.

Thanks and Regards,

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